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Painting by John Bauer - Swedish Artist
Painting by John Bauer, Swedish artist
Welcome to "The Natural Farm"

I live on a farm in Kansas. As a young man I did research in the area of natural farming. However the term "organics" back then was perhaps not looked upon with as much favor as it is today. Today the inquiry is more likely to be "Where?" rather than "Why?"

For those of you who may have some interest in the "Why?" aspect, reference to some of the pioneers of the natural farming discipline are provided below.

Albrecht, William A. "Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration".
Soils and Men: USDA Yearbook of Agriculture. Washington, D.C., United States Department of Agriculture, 1938.

Balfour, Lady Eve. "Toward a Sustainable Agriculture--The Living Soil".
A talk about the Haughley Experiment, given by Lady Balfour in Switzerland, 1977.


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